Alyce Currier

UX researcher & strategist

Alyce Currier (they/them) is currently based in Brooklyn, NY, and recently completed Pratt Institute’s M.S. in Information Experience Design. At the moment, I'm open to either part-time and contract work or a full-time role for the right fit.

After studying sociology and media studies as an undergraduate, I spent a decade working in the tech industry in content and product marketing. With a critical but optimistic eye toward technology, I'm particularly interested in building meaningful, useful, and honest online experiences in an increasingly stressful and exploitative attention economy.

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A pragmatic approach that respects the user

I like working with organizations that value pragmatic, honest information: creating accessible, concise, and clear online experiences. I care about human impact: both the individual experience, and broader sociological trends. In a time of information overload and false truths, I still believe it’s possible to bring some of the spirit of the old internet back.

The internet has been my playground since I was in middle school and hid in my room making websites for fun — I've been honing my design instincts for over 20 years.

UX research & strategy

  • User interviews
  • Survey design
  • User testing
  • Digital ethnography
  • Personas & journey maps

UX & product design

  • Wireframes
  • Site maps & user flows
  • Interactive prototypes
  • UI design
  • GTM strategy

Content strategy

  • Content strategy
  • Information architecture
  • UX writing
  • Copywriting & editing
  • Video scripting

Experience that informs every project

I found my way to UX after working my way through a variety of roles and industries. For ten years before I started my master's program, I worked in content strategy and product marketing for a video software company and a 3D printer company. I've done freelance work for a number of organizations.

  • Always interdisciplinary. Strict categorization often holds us back. In my academic education, I've always struggled to stay within disciplinary lines. Over time, I've learned to see this as a strength: I'm good at making connections between ideas and people across fields. I love finding opportunities to apply lessons and ideas from one discipline to another.
  • Always human-centered. I've worked with industries including engineering, manufacturing, entertainment, medical, dental, and beyond. Even before I formally worked in UX, one of my favorite parts of working with a new industry was the research process and getting to know the people in that field and what they care about: from reading recent news and background from those fields, to talking to product managers, to interviewing users (in content roles, often for blog content or customer stories; in more product-centered roles, as more conventional user research).
  • Working within scope. I used to get wrapped up in the research process easily, or spend too much time perfecting miniscule features. Leading hardware and software product launches on a tight timeline in my product marketing role taught me how to scope projects to fit the timeline and resources available, for myself and for the teams I was working with.
  • Cross-functional communication. My years in product marketing taught me how to handle high-pressure internal communication and how to communicate and account for needs across many different teams, including product, engineering, marketing, sales, support, and manufacturing.
  • Teaching as a means of learning. I helped build learning centers and resource libraries at both of my previous long-term full-time jobs, I've organized workshops and panels in my creative community, and most recently, I helped write Codecademy's new UX career path. I usually learn a lot from the process of teaching, and I enjoy working on educational content as a way to add something of value to the internet.
  • Multi-medium communication. In my five years at video software company Wistia, I learned a great deal about online video best practices. Since then, I've produced and edited a podcast on digital manufacturing, planned video strategies for product launches and major content features, and also explored music through DJing and production in my personal life.
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